Our vision

For the first topic of our blog we wanted to introduce ourselfs and we belive that surf shop blogs have long been considered as communal spaces were we gather to dream up new adventures and tell stories.

Our story has been established since 2015 in Premantura, which is a part of Cape Kamenjak the southern tip of Istria., and let’s say we have never been far from our roots and that is water!

With vision to push forward with authentic products and to serve you with our knowledge of kiteboarding, windsurfing and biking we want to take you on a different journey with high quality brands that we belive in and to watch our customers grow with us.

As a passionate kitesurfer with 13 years of experience and the owner Andrea Kliba pursuit his dream as turning his passion into family business along side with his sister Debora Kliba (kitesurfer,surfer,skater).

Most of you reading this are new to water sports, but don’t worry in next blogs we will encourage you to get in the water!

The scene of adrenaline sports is growing rapidly with new equipment that is more approachable and easier to use plus we have perfect spots and conditions for begginers and advanced riders, so don’t wait anymore.. you don’t need to travel far and getting vizas for tropics (well that’s a perfect getaway tho) all you need is to get out of your comfort zone for a little and use what mother nature gave us and join our community!


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