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Windsurf TEC Quiverbag

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Can’t decide what gear to bring or want to take it all?

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Can’t decide what gear to bring or want to take it all? The Windsurf Tec Quiverbag provides space for 3-4 sails, 3-4 masts (including a 20 cm extension for long masts), 2-3 booms and plenty of spare parts.
The sliding rails protect your gear whilst our Bag_Breeze 2.0 keeps it fresh and dry. Two separate openings (front and rear) make unpacking a walk in the park. Off-white PE on the outside bottom keeps your cool inside no matter how tropical your destination.

Enough Storage Space for sails, masts, booms, etc.; Sliding rails; 20 cm extension for long masts; Seperate opening at the back for easy unloading; Bag_Breeze 2.0:Two TPU patches on the front and back of the bag, are combined with the mesh inserts at the front and tail to ensure great ventilation. The mesh inserts are completely EVA padded, perfect to protect your precious board.; Off white PE on outside bottom to keep inside cool; Shoulder strap storage

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