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Soleil Textreme


The Soleil Textreme is completely new to the range, especially designed for kitesurfing women.

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The Soleil Textreme is completely new to the range, especially designed for kitesurfing women, offering that extra bit of performance due to the extremely light Textreme Carbon. The Space Flex Technology makes it even lighter than it anyway is, yet makes it durable and giving this piece of art that little bit of extra pop. The narrow outline is one of the reasons the Soleil is smooth even in rough conditions, making the ride always controlled and comfortable. The Carbon Beam construction provides the board with a lively feel that is very reactive to rider input. Rail to rail carving is a dream while the pop is impressive. The softer flex in combination with the Space Flex Technology ensures the ride is smooth, even on the choppiest of days and the Step Mono Concave bottom gets you going early. Of course also the Soleil Textreme is equipped with the new rail handles, making handling of the board easy and helps you with this extra grip for any kind of grabs and board offs. With the Soleil Textreme you get a female specific board which performs at any time on the water, but also could be art decorating your house. Either way, you´ll always have a smile on your face using the Soleil Textreme.

Space Flex Technology:New Space Flex Technology, to save weight, gain comfort and performance.;Exceedingly lightweight:The Full Carbon Construction is extremely lightweight which makes it easier to manoeuvre in the air during your hooked or unhooked tricks.;Textreme Carbon Construction:Due to the Textreme Carbon Construction a board has an amazing upwind ability. The board feels smoother than traditional boards and it is easier to release the board for loaded jumps.;Soft Flex:The Soft Flex guarantees a comfortable ride in all conditions.;Biax Carbon:The Biax Carbon ensures a dynamic ride and an incredible pop.;Grab Rails:Grab Rails for easier board off manoeuvers and comfortable general handling.

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