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Admit it – you know you want it.

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Admit it – you know you want it. PLATINUM AERO 2.0 is the lightest boom in the world (140-190: 1.95 kg, 190-250: 2.70 kg) and the ultimate choice in terms of technology, weight and quality manufacturing. However, because of the incredibly sophisticated manufacturing process, there is only an extremely limited number available (on a first-come, first-served basis). Thanks to the highest-quality mix of materials and unique production methods, it is an astonishing 300 g lighter than its otherwise very lightweight PLATINUM counterpart. Despite its slimmed-down design, the PLATINUM AERO 2.0 features sensational stiffness, ultra-direct feel and range-specific features and bend curves, which make it a must-have for high-performance riders. Even though the AERO 2.0 is only available in two different lengths (140-190 190-250), they all possess the performance and equipment features of the normal PLATINUM (see below). However, a warning is in order: high-end technology has its price, so don’t be surprised.

EXCLUSIVE AND ULTRA LIGHT:The lightest and most exclusive boom on earth;PREMIUM MATERIAL:100% T900 Carbon Prepreg + SENTEX Resin;Ultimate in technology:Ultimate in technology, weight and processing. 400g lighter than the PLATINUM boom.;FRONT-END:iFRONT 2.0 – The lightest Front-End on earth;TAIL-END 140:INSIDE GRIPPED TAIL with iTAIL WAVE FITTING;TAIL-END 190:OUTSIDE TAIL with iTAIL RACE FITTING

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