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Jaime Textreme


A sure-fire way to increase the performance of any board is to reduce the weight.

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It’s always hard to make the best better, but a sure-fire way to increase the performance of any board is to reduce the weight. The Jaime Textreme utilises the finest construction techniques to integrate Textreme carbon into the lay-up process. This not only reduces the weight significantly, but it also adds even more responsiveness and a snappy launch pad into your tricks. If you love the ride of the Jaime but want that little something extra, then this is the board for you. With a slightly stiffer feeling, created by the carbon lay-up process, the board has a medium to hard flex. It is still fantastic to ride through choppy waters, and the snappy reflex and the quad channels, which provide mountains of grip and pop, enhance the take-off for every move. The Double Diffusor Base combines with the Absorption Flex Tips to give you incredibly smooth and soft landings, even in the harshest of conditions. Best ridden with straps the Jaime Textreme is the tool for the rider who wants a board that can do everything, with that little bit extra too. Have your cake and eat it too with the Jaime Textreme!

Soft landings:Perfect control and comfort even at the hardest landings.;Connected and comfortable:Connected and comfortable, absolutely great in choppy conditions.;Lightweight and responsive ride:The lightweight construction offers an easy and responsive ride.;Medium to Hard Flex:The Medium to Hard Flex combines competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every condition.;Double Diffusor Bottom with Light Base:The Double Diffusor Bottom offers outstanding grip and maximum comfort, the Light Base adds the extra bit of durability.;Textreme Carbon and 45° Biax Carbon Construction:The Textreme Carbon and 45° Biax Carbon Construction ensures a dynamic ride and an incredible pop.

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