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The most popular board on the planet just got redesigned for 2020

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The most popular board on the planet just got redesigned for 2020; the Jaime epitomises what kitesurfing is about. Aimed at the rider that enjoys hooked freestyle as much as unhooked riding and loves to boost big when the wind is up, it’s an incredibly versatile board. The medium flex gives the right balance between great pop and a smooth ride through the choppiest of water. New for 2020 is the Carbon Web construction, this controls torsional stiffness and makes the board extremely responsive while ensuring a very connected feel when riding at speed. Quad channels in the base offer excellent grip, which makes take offs a breeze. The Double Diffusor Bottom and Absorption Flex Tips ensure every landing is a smooth one. Best suited to riders who wear straps the Jaime is one of the most progressive freeride and hooked freestyle boards on the market. If you want to find out why this board has caused such a stir in our sport, jump aboard and feel the feeling of freedom…

Soft landings:Perfect control and comfort even at the hardest landings.;Connected and comfortable:Connected and comfortable, absolutely great in choppy conditions.;Sporty and responsive ride:A very sporty, direct and responsive ride.;Medium Flex:Medium Flex combines competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition.;Double Diffusor Bottom with Standard Base:The Double Diffusor Bottom offers outstanding grip and maximum comfort, the Standard Base offers enough durability for daily freeriding.;Carbon Web and Biax Glass Construction:The Carbon Web and 45° Biax Glass Construction is responsible for a solid performance. It results in a fast and progressive flex with good pop.

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