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Haze AMP


Cold times = lazy time? No excuses anymore!

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Cold times = lazy time? No excuses anymore! The HAZE AMP keeps your fingers warm to train all fall/spring long. Silicon grip on the inner palm for best possible bar and break control during these cold and wet off-season days: Simply put on the integrated rain cover to shelter your fingers from the rain.

Digital_Tip at forefinger and thumb:A special fabric panel enables you to control your touch screen device. Unlike the competition, ION’s Digital_Tips really are located at the very end of the fingertips, not just at the end of the inner hand panel.;grippy Silicone_Print:For precise grip at the bars and safe brake lever control.;Nose_Charmer:A micro fiber panel on the thumb gently takes care of your sweat and – excuse the expression – snot.

Neoprene_Cuff with Velcro Closure:Adjustable, water repellent neoprene cuff for easy in and out and the right fit at wrist.;Wind_Hater:Wind resistance in its lightest form.;Integrated Claw_Guard Rain Cover:Season-extending, integrated & hidden rain cover on upper hand (at wrist) to protect fingers from severe weather when needed.

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