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The Gecko is the most accessible freeride board on the market

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The Gecko is the most accessible freeride board on the market, designed to grow with your level – stable and forgiving for your first planing and footstraps – fast and super smooth to gybe once you progress.

The key is the compact outline combined with a wide and thin profile that makes the board more stable at rest and quick and comfortable to plane.

We updated the three key sizes with a wider and more parallel outline, improving acceleration, while the slim rails and tail width support your gybes and help maintain speed through the turn at any level.

Fin Options:Extremely versatile with multiple fin options and a shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, even in the biggest sizes.;Slot Box:Lightweight and easy to adjust slot-box fin system allows for faster tuning for conditions and fin preference.;New Shapes:New Shapes throughout the entire Grip range with improved wave performance and added sizes 86, 92 and 102.;Flat deck:Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds.

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