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Gecko Eco


The Gecko Eco is the flagship of our Ocean Minded spirit

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The Gecko Eco is the flagship of our Ocean Minded spirit – built with eco-friendly Flax, Cork & Wood Veneer (instead of classic glass and PVC sandwich) – and like all our boards, uses plant based Bio Resin.

It not only shows what is possible in terms of replacing oil-based materials with sustainable organic elements, it also sails great and looks stunning! Graphics are kept to a minimum to let its inner beauty shine through.

The Gecko Eco is a special board with a unique flex that creates a fun responsive feeling beneath your feet.It performs exceptionally, while having a construction that minimises impact on the environment.

Fin Options:Extremely versatile with multiple fin options and a shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, even in the biggest sizes.;New Shapes:New Shapes throughout the entire Grip range with improved wave performance and added sizes 86, 92 and 102.;Slot Box:Lightweight and easy to adjust slot-box fin system allows for faster tuning for conditions and fin preference.;Bottom shape:High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave/V bottom shape. Increased V in nose section lifts rails for better turning and response on the front foot;Flat deck:Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds.

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